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Awards of Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC in October 2016


I, Award for Enterprize for workers

In the morning of 29th Oct 2016, Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC has been honorly awarded “Enterprise for the workers”. Award Ceremony “Enterprise for workers” in 2016 was held solemnly at the National Convention Center, My Dinh, Hanoi. Ms. Do Thi Thu Tra – General Director of the Company attended and received awards.

Prize “Enterprise for Workers” is the official award by Vietnam General Confederation of Labour in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour – Invalids – Social Affairs and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam held in 2016. the award aims to raise awareness of society’s most precious resource is people, encourage enterprises to further care for employees, motivate economic development.


Prize “Enterprise for Employees” was organized to search, honored businesses have continued efforts to improve the working environment, care about the lives of employees, building harmonious relationship between the interests of business, workers’ rights and social benefits, aimed towards sustainable development in the process of integration and development, and creating spillover effects for a growing number of enterprises better care for the lives of workers, creating a collective cohesion, together firmly to integration.


In 2016, 68 enterprises that best meet the criteria to take care of the employees were commenting on the ranking included “Enterprise for workers”. Among these 68 companies, the Council selected 15 enterprises Award Best Award for “Enterprise for the employees’ first and Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC is one of 15 special Enterprise this outstanding.

Currently, Tran Phu Electric Mechanical really cares about the lives of officials, employees and workers with policies, preferential treatment, such as wage policy, income and allowances, subsidies pregnant production, welfare, working time and rest of the workers …. Thanks to these policies take care of life for the employees that the company has been Council award “Enterprise for workers of ” honor.

II, Participated in Proud of Vietnamese goods week 


In 10/2016 Ministry of Commerce held a launch program “IDENTIFYING PRODUCTS VIETNAM – VIETNAM PROUD PRODUCTS” IN 2016.

Through the program, consumers and businesses more acutely aware of the purpose and significance of the campaign “The priority for Vietnam Vietnam” launched by the Politburo; more fully aware of the capabilities of businesses in Vietnam, Vietnam product quality so that love and use every Vietnam.

Deeply aware of the significance of the program, Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC has responded in a variety of incentive programs for customers to step up the promotion, product introduction and quality confirms to a large number of domestic consumption.

At the same time, the program has contributed to raising awareness, the importance of the domestic market for goods and Vietnam, more tools to control goods, which have a say consensus of state management agencies in the process of developing and implementing mechanisms and policies, inspection and control of the market, creating favorable conditions for Vietnam to develop products on the market.

Program Recognizes Vietnam Annual goods on a national scale, called “Pride of Vietnam 2016” is one of the projects, task implementation of the scheme development of domestic markets associated with the campaign “the priority for Vietnam Vietnam” period 2014 – 2020, has been Prime Minister for approval in accordance with Decision 634 / QD-TTg dated 29 January 04 2014, and is the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Trade was delivered at plan 212 / KH-MTTW- BCDTWCVD April 29, 2016 of the Central Steering Committee for the campaign activities implemented in 2016.

III, TRAN PHU ELECTRIC MECHANICAL JSC belongs to TOP 10 well-known products, services Vietnam

Tran Phu Electric Mechanical Joint Stock Company proud to be a leading enterprise in the field of Wire & Cable production efforts in the development of Vietnamese brands. Fame in the “Top 100 brands, products and services popular in Vietnam” in 2016 voted by consumers of MOIT held at Au Co Art Centre last 08/10 days. This is a tremendous honor for electric motors JSC Tran Phu.


This prestigious award is a project survey results – ranked the “Top 100 brands, products and services popular in Vietnam” in 2016 voted by consumers and is implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade Journal of Industry and Trade.


Award to honor the brands, products, service quality, reputation has been present in Vietnam and contribute to the development of the domestic economy.


1,086 consumer units, associations and trades of the Department of Trade 63 cities nominated to the list of brands, products and services through direct surveys or through the website: www.thuonghieuhangdauvietnam. VN and www.sanphamdichvuhangdau.vn and finally 100 brands, products and services have been awarded for 50 categories of products. Company shares electromechanical Tran Phu was honored to be selected in the top corporate winners 10. Meanwhile, Do Thi Thu Tra – General Director of the Company was also awarded a medal “exemplary Entrepreneur reform era “in 2016.


Entered the “Top 10 Brands product or service in Vietnam 2016” is a testament to assert the brand, product quality Electric cables Tran Phu always bring customer satisfaction when using with the best quality and outstanding value. At the same time, JSC Tran Phu electric motor continues to affirm its position as a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of production of wires and cables. “Prestige, Quality, Efficiency and Satisfying the needs of customers” as the goal of our leading.

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