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Tran Phu Electric Mechanical JSC received Certificate of the Hanoi People’s Committee for the prevention of counterfeiting and brand protection


On 12.16.2016 morning, the Association for Anti-counterfeiting and brand protection Hanoi held a review conference in 2016 and work out orientations and tasks in 2017.

Attending the meeting were the grandparents with representatives of the Permanent Office 389 Government Steering Committee, departments Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, leaders of departments and branches City, Branch Manager Hanoi market, PC 46 rooms Hanoi city police, reporters and press agencies, radio and television central and Hanoi, and all member of the Association for Anti-counterfeiting and brand protection TP Hanoi.

Also during this meeting, the Association for Anti-counterfeiting and Trademark Protection has awarded the city of Merit for the enterprise with excellent achievements in this work.

Recognizing the importance of brand protection as well as to ensure the rights of consumers, the company shares Tran Phu was always at the forefront of building work and brand protection with the actions set government really like to affix stamps to rake up the wire and cable products of the company; building support hotline with questions about counterfeit goods, pirated goods; regularly organizes training for all officers and employees and engage actively in the fight against counterfeit goods, pirated goods and commercial fraud due to the State agency authorized to launch.

From the typical results achieved in recent years, electric motors JSC Tran Phu was honored to be awarded at the solemn ceremony of Merit for outstanding achievements in the work of construction and maintenance brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, unauthorized copying and issues of intellectual property rights.



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